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  • Senior Director, Advanced Data and Storage Management,  Requisition #:  #2023-16874
    To apply, visit Princeton University Careers and search for the Req. 2023-16874 under staff positions.

    The Senior Director of Advanced Data and Storage Management reports to the Associate CIO in Research Computing (RC) and manages the group responsible for the vision, design and support of data storage and management for advancing innovative research at Princeton University.  This role will provide leadership to the implementation and support of the TigerData service, a comprehensive set of data storage and management tools and services that provides storage capacity, reliability, functionality, and performance to campus. 

  • Research Data Storage Analyst,  Requisition #:  2023-16976
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    The Research Data Storage Analyst will partner with colleagues in the University Library, IT staff, and vendors to install, and administer data storage systems and related software to the specifications needed for the implementation of TigerData. You will monitor and troubleshoot system-level issues, manage network configurations, and assist with the administration of high-performance computing storage systems. Working closely with campus colleagues, you will also provide timely and creative support to faculty and researchers as it relates to long-term data storage and retrieval.


RSE Employment Opportunities

Do you have a background in computational research and love to write code? Are you interested in enabling groundbreaking experiments that will allow for more efficient and impactful uses of renewable sources of energy? If so, Princeton University's Research Computing department is recruiting a Research Software Engineer to join the rapidly growing Research Software Engineering (RSE) Group.

  • Research Software Engineer II, Requisition #: 2023-17226
    To apply, visit Princeton University Careers and search for the Req. 2023-16950 under staff positions.

    What if you could have an impact on the search for an abundant, safe, affordable, and environmentally sound means of generating electricity? This is the goal of fusion energy research at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL), a United States Department of Energy national laboratory for plasma physics and nuclear fusion science. If that idea appeals to you, Princeton University's Research Computing department is recruiting a Research Software Engineer to join the fast-growing Research Software Engineering (RSE) Group. 
    In the RSE Group, we collectively provide computational research expertise to multiple divisions within the University. As a central team of software experts, we are focused on improving the quality, performance, and sustainability of Princeton's computational research software. Our group is committed to building collaborative and inclusive environments in which the best software engineering practices are valued, and to sharing and applying cross-disciplinary computational techniques in new and emerging areas. 
    In this position, you will be an integral part of the Gkeyll group in the PPPL Computational Sciences Department. Gkeyll is a plasma simulation code developed at PPPL that is used to model the behavior of plasmas in fusion devices like tokamaks. It is designed to run on high-performance computing (HPC) systems and is optimized for parallel computing, which allows it to simulate very large plasma systems with high accuracy. Gkeyll is open-source software that is actively developed by researchers at PPPL and other institutions, and new features and capabilities are constantly being added. Overall, Gkeyll is a powerful tool that helps researchers understand the behavior of plasmas in fusion devices, which is important for achieving nuclear fusion and developing new fusion energy technologies. 

  • Research Software Engineer II (Astrophysics), Requisition #: 2023-17686
    To apply, visit Princeton University Careers and search for the Req. 2023-17686 under staff positions.

    Princeton University is seeking candidates for a new position within the fast-growing Research Software Engineering (RSE) Group.  The successful candidate will have a strong background in software development and high-performance computing (HPC), as well as interest in numerical modeling in Astrophysics. 

    In this position, you will be an integral part of research groups in the Astrophysical Sciences department that focus on Computational Astrophysics. You will collaborate with several research groups who use similar computational techniques to model the evolution of astrophysical systems. Some examples of the scientific codes used in those research groups are Fornax, Pegasus++, Athena++, Tristan-MP, and RAMSES. These groups are intensive users of computing resources both at Princeton University as well as at national supercomputing facilities (DOE, NSF, NASA). Through this work, you will have the opportunity to run on the nation's state-of-the-art systems. One of your main tasks will be to port CPU codes to GPU codes suitable for the new GPU and hybrid architectures being implemented by federal agencies for their top-level supercomputers. As part of your role, you will work on different projects sequentially with various research groups. These projects will focus on enhancing the performance and scalability of existing codes, creating new GPU-specific features, and teaching the department members the most effective techniques for profiling and optimization.

    If you have a strong background in HPC as well as in Astrophysics or plasma physics, you have the right skill set to immediately impact multiple high-profile research projects.