High Performance Computing Research Center (HPCRC)



  • High Performance Computing Research Center (HPCRC) - This 47,000-square-foot facility opened in late 2011 provides a secure, reliable, and sustainable environment for IT equipment with 1.8 MW of UPS (scalable to 3.0 MW), 4.5 MW of diesel and gas power generation, and a designed Power Utilization Effectiveness of 1.5 at full load. The HPCRC serves as the home of TIGRESS -- the Terascale Infrastructure for Groundbreaking Research in Engineering and Science Center. TIGRESS is a collaborative effort that brings together funding, support, and participation from many departments and organizations across the University. The center is designed to create a well balanced set of High Performance Computing (HPC) resources meeting the broad computational requirements of Princeton's research community. The HPCRC also houses department-owned research systems and a portion of the University's administrative computing capacity.