Learning resources: Data Transfer

How to Use these Resources

Below is a collection of resources outlining tools and best practices for data transfer (e.g. scp, rsync, Globus).  While it is best to follow Research Computing's own references (including workshops) regarding logistics specific to Princeton systems, the materials below offer more general tutorials and documentation for interested users.



Good Practice for Transferring Data -- a video primer from ARCHER (the UK National Supercomputing Service) about the different tools for data transfer and how to choose the right tool for your job.

File Transfer (ftp, scp, rsync) -- (CAS authentication and Duo required to view) a video on Linux file transfer utilities from a larger video Linux course from O'Reilly's Safari Tech Books Online (free usage available through the Princeton University Library with an active NetID).

Transfer files with rcp and rsync -- (CAS authentication and Duo required to view) another O'Reilly video on a similar topic

Globus overview -- a short (~4 min) video and executive summary of the Globus data transfer tool.  From globus.org.

Globus Webinars -- globus.org hosts periodic webinars on a variety of topics related to data transfer and more general data management. This page details upcoming events.  It also links to the archive of past events, but recordings appear to be unavailable.


Self-paced online courses

Globus Office Hours -- not so much a course, but globus.org regularly schedules virtual office hours over Zoom to help answer Globus questions.

Data Transfer -- self-paced online course from the Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing (CAC) covering different file transfer tools and their use-cases

Globus Data Transfer -- another self-paced CAC online course, specific to Globus

Advanced Globus Data Transfer -- a more advanced sequel to the introductory Globus CAC course


Web pages / written online tutorials

How to transfer large amounts of data via network -- a comprehensive but highly readable document from Harry Mangalam at UC Irvine.  Similar in spirit to the ARCHER video linked above, but as a written reference.

Get Started with Globus -- the globus.org entry point for using Globus.  It contains links with step-by-step instructions for common tasks researchers may encounter.

Data Transfer and Data Sharing with Globus -- two overview pages maintained by globus.org that also contain links to further resources



Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming, A, 4th Edition -- from O'Reilly media.  Online version (linked) is part of the O'Reilly's Safari Tech Books Online (free usage available through the Princeton University Library with an active NetID).

Linux: Powerful Server Administration -- also from O'Reilly (online version linked).  The section with examples on rsync focuses on the case of an Ubuntu server, but the overarching commands generalize to other Linux environments.