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Application form

This online form is used to register your interest in the graduate certificate in computational and information science with the Princeton Institute for Computational Science and Engineering. We use this information to add you to our email list for relevant announcements and program-related matters.

If you have questions regarding the program or this application, please contact either Prof. Michael Mueller, program director at or Florevel (Floe) Fusin-Wischusen, program administrator, at

Certificate Requirements

  • Take for credit and pass two of the three approved core courses namely: APC 524: Software Engineering for Scientific Computing; APC 523: Numerical Algorithms for Scientific Computing; and COS 424 / SML 302: Fundamentals of Machine Learning.
  • Take for credit and pass one approved elective course, usually this is a course specific to their research discipline.
  • Give a seminar on their thesis research.
  • Write a thesis which contains a significant computational component, as judged by the thesis advisor who must write a short letter to certify this component.

Thank you for completing your application to the graduate certificate in computational and information science.

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