Scientific Visualization, 12/1/17

Dec 1, 2017, 2:00 pm3:30 pm
130 Lewis Library, Digital Learning Lab
Event Description
This free mini-course will introduce participants to scientific visualization techniques in the VisIt software package. Visualization enables insight, verification, and is very valuable for presentations and publications. VisIt has a graphical user interface for exploring and displaying data. It can produce animation to represent complex behavior of variables over time. The software is freely available for Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms and is installed on the Princeton University High Performance Computing Systems. PICSciE's remote visualization capability enables using personal computers to look at large amounts of data kept on the Research Computing storage system. The mini-course assumes no prior experience with visualization tools. It is intended for researchers interested in developing visual representations of their data. The session features hands-on lab exercises in the Digital Learning Lab, 130 Lewis Science Library. Eliot Feibush is a Computational/Visualization Scientist. He specializes in developing scientific visualizations, frequently writing Python programs to select, analyze, convert, and display data from various applications and disciplines. Previously he has worked in medical imaging, architectural rendering, and geo-spatial analysis. Please register online at the training website, or contact Andrea Rubinstein at /258-1397.