Scientific Visualization

Nov 16, 2021, 2:00 pm3:30 pm
Remote Workshop on Zoom



Event Description

Visualization enables insight, allows verification, and enhances presentations and publications. This workshop introduces the VisIt visualization software package, which has a graphical user interface for exploring and displaying data.  It can also produce animation to represent complex behavior of variables over time. The software is freely available for Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms and is installed on the Princeton University High Performance Computing (HPC) Systems.

Workshop format:  Presentation, demonstration, and in-class exercises.

Target audience: This workshop is intended for researchers interested in developing visual representations of their data, and in particular for those interested in using VisIt to visualize large data sets that live on the Princeton HPC clusters.

Knowledge prerequisites:  No prior experience with visualization tools is required.

Hardware/software prerequisites:  Participants in any PICSciE virtual workshop need a Princeton Zoom account and possibly other software, as detailed in this guide. For this workshop, attendees should also install the VisIt visualization software in advance in order to follow along with the demos and examples. You can download VisIt from the VisIt website. There will also be some sample data files to download during the session.

Learning objectives:   Introduce scientific visualization techniques in the VisIt software package.  Participants will also see how to leverage PICSciE’s remote visualization capability to look at large datasets on their personal computers without having to transfer that data off the Research Computing storage system.