A conversation with graduate students: what training in computing do you need?

Tue, Jul 16, 2019, 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Lewis Library 138

The Princeton Institute for Computational Science & Engineering (PICSciE) would like to hear from graduate students about the training in computing that they receive (and would like to receive). Please join us for an informal "town hall", with free pizza and soft drinks.  Kindly RSVP here so we know how much food to order.  Arriving mid-session is ok -- we'd rather hear from you briefly than not at all.


Other than some PICSciE personnel, faculty will not be present, so we hope that you'll speak freely about your "training wish-list". This could include *anything* (no issue too small), e.g.

* Python / R/ C / C++ programming
* Object-oriented programming, parallel programming, just plain programming
* Linux command line skills (including for processing text and/or csv files)
* Workflow stuff (e.g. LaTeX & beamer presentations, making plots, managing bibliographic entries, better workflows with Microsoft Office, etc)
* Ergonomics (avoiding the mouse, remapping your keyboard keys, getting Linux on your own laptop with fewer headaches, typing better, etc)

* Customizing your environment (your shell, your editor/IDE, virtual environments for Python, etc)
* Version control (e.g. Git, Mercurial)
* Documenting/ testing / debugging / profiling / optimizing code
* Other "pain points" we haven't thought of

We'd also like input on how to package training (e.g. lectures, demos, hands-on workshops, documents/boos, videos, Q&A/AMA sessions, other formats?). Critical feedback on current PICSciE workshops and on existing Princeton courses that involve computing is welcome.

To share thoughts on the topic or discuss further, either before or after the event, please feel free to email me (Gabe) to relay your input.


Thank you in advance, and we hope to see you there.


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