Introduction to Code Debugging

Tue, Feb 25, 2020, 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm
138 Lewis Library
PICSciE/Research Computing

This workshop will introduce participants to general code debugging principles and practices for both interpreted (Python, R) and compiled (C/C++, Fortran) languages. Following this introduction and hands-on exercises, the second part of the course will be dedicated to learning DDT, an advanced debugger available on all of Princeton's research computing systems. DDT can be used to debug serial, parallel and GPU codes.

Learning objectives: Attendees will learn the best practices for debugging code and gain hands-on experience using the tools.

Knowledge prerequisites: Basic Linux and some programming experience.

Hardware/software prerequisites: (1) Bring a laptop which can connect to the eduroam wireless network. You will also need to be able to Duo authenticate to use campus resources. (2) Have an SSH client installed on your laptop. (3) Register for an account on Adroit. This is the cluster we will use for demonstration purposes. Make sure you can SSH to Adroit before the workshop by following this guide.

Workshop format: Demonstration and hands-on

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