How to run Synopsys and Cadence on the clusters

Important: The operating systems of Nobel and Adroit were updated in the summer of 2021. These updates may cause previous workflows to fail.

For instance, if you encounter the following error:

*** ERROR: cannot locate a bin directory under the Hercules home directory
           for your Operating System.  Attempted to locate a bin dir in:
       --> /usr/licensed/synopsys/hercules_B-2008.09/bin/UNKNOWN

Then try this procedure:

$ ssh <YourNetID>
$ run7 csh
$ source /usr/licensed/synopsys-2021/cshrc

If you are using Desktop on OnDemand MyAdroit then choose either mate (Mate Desktop under RHEL 7) or xfce (XFCE desktop under RHEL 7) for running applications that worked before the OS upgrade.



The Electrical Engineering department funds academic licenses for the Synopsys and Cadence products. They generously make these licenses available to the entire University community, and we therefore deploy the licenses through our central network license server.

Research Computing makes Synopsys and Cadence products available on the Nobel and Della clusters. Note that these products are not available on the main Della login node but instead on the alternate login node

To see the varous versions run one of these commands:

$ ls -ld /usr/licensed/synopsys*
$ ls -ld /usr/licensed/cadence*

Nowadays most labs create their own profile/cshrc files depending on which version they want to use. Speak to a group member about setting up the appropriate execution environment.

If you find that the specific Synopsys or Cadence package you need is not installed, please let us know the release name, and if we have a license for it, we will install it.