How to run Synopsys and Cadence on the clusters

The Electrical Engineering department funds academic licenses for the Synopsys and Cadence products. They generously make these licenses available to the entire University community, and we therefore deploy the licenses through our central network license server.

We also make requested Synopsys and Cadence products available on the Nobel, Adroit, and Della clusters. To set up the appropriate execution environment, log in to any of these clusters where you have an account, and type in one of the following commands:

(for tcsh or csh shell)

source /usr/licensed/synopsys/cshrc
source /usr/licensed/cadence/cshrc


(for bash or sh shell)

. /usr/licensed/synopsys/profile
. /usr/licensed/cadence/profile

You may also add this line to your .bashrc or .cshrc script.

To request an account on one of these clusters, click on the cluster name above.

If you find that the specific Synopsys or Cadence package you need is not installed, please let us know the release name, and if we have a license for it, we will install it.