Why can't I login to a cluster using SSH?


To connect via SSH from off-campus you must do one of the following:

  • setup a VPN connection, and then connect to the cluster directly. For more information about installing VPN software on your workstation or laptop, see the OIT Knowledgebase article on VPN. The installation procedure takes about 90 seconds. A VPN is needed to use MyAdroit or MyDella.
  • ssh to <Your-NetID>@tigressgateway.princeton.edu and then ssh to the cluster.
  • ssh to a host on the wired on-campus network (e.g., nobel.princeton.edu), and then ssh to the cluster.

If you don't do one of the above you may see an error message like Connection closed by remote host or Operation timed out. If you see Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive) it means that you don't have an account.


To SSH to one of the HPC clusters you must either be on the campus network or connected to the eduroam wireless network. You cannot login to any of the clusters while connected via the puvisitor wireless network, servicenet or a network specific to your research group.