Graduate Certificate FAQ

Graduate Certificate in Computational Science & Engineering

Q: Is the graduate certificate in Computational Science & Engineering (CSE) strictly restricted to current Princeton graduate students? I would be interested in participating but I have no official affiliation with the university.

A: Yes, only current graduate students enrolled at Princeton University are eligible to participate in the graduate certificate.

Q: Will the graduate certificate appear on my transcript after I have completed it?

A: Yes, the graduate certificate in CSE will be recorded in your official transcript. 

Q: Is there a grade or GPA requirement for the required courses/electives?

A: No, there is no grade requirement.

Q: I am currently starting my fifth year of graduate school and it will be difficult for me to finish all the requirements of this certificate within a year. So I'm wondering if I apply, will I be able to continue to fulfill the requirements (especially taking courses) when I am in "Degree Completion Enrollment"?

A: As long as students fulfill all the requirements by the time of their FPO, that is OK. They do not have to do it before they go on DCE status. In fact, it would be impossible for them to finish their thesis -- one of the requirements -- before they go on DCE.

Q: For DCE (Degree Completion Enrollment) students, we actually are not allowed to take courses. Will this program grant us permission to take courses when we are in DCE?

A: No, the certificate program does not have the authority to authorize you to take courses outside of your department or graduate student rules. You would have to finish taking the course requirements before you go on DCE status.

Q: Should I apply before or after I complete all the requirements?

A: Either way is fine but better to apply before you complete the requirements so you're in the know if there any important announcements or updates about the certificate program.

Q: I am a 4th year Ph.D. student currently signed up for the graduate certificate in computational and information science. I have taken APC 524 and APC 523. I am currently finishing up COS 424 and was wondering if i can take it pass/fail instead of a grade. In other words, if I do take it pass/fail will the course still count for the certificate?

A: If you have already taken both APC523 and APC524, you do not need COS424 for the certificate (you only have to take 2 of the 3 core courses). Thus, you could take it P/F. Otherwise, our policy is that you need to take the courses for credit for the certificate. But if you are taking COS 424 as the elective for the certificate, it has to be taken for a grade, unless it is a department specialty that is only offered P/F.