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A logo for PrincetonPy featuring an orange python with black stripes, referencing the Princeton Tiger mascot
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PrincetonPy (Princeton University Python User Group)

The Princeton University Python User Group is an interdisciplinary community of Python enthusiasts of all levels, based at Princeton University. It was founded by Quentin Caudron and Paul Gauthier in December 2013 and revived in September 2023 after a hiatus during the COVID years. To learn more, click the link above!

GPU User Group

Join your fellow GPU enthusiasts from across campus to discuss all matters of GPU computing. This is also a place to get help with working with GPUs and other accelerators beyond what is possible in help sessions.

Deep Learning User Group

The Deep Learning User Group meets a few times per year to discuss all matters of deep learning with an emphasis on the most popular software frameworks, namely, PyTorch, JAX and TensorFlow. All members of the PU research community are welcome to attend.

MATLAB User Group

The MATLAB Users Group provides opportunities for campus MATLAB users to learn more about using MATLAB, help each other, and learn more about research and teaching being done at Princeton using MATLAB.