Princeton University Python User Group

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The Princeton University Python User Group (also known as PrincetonPy) is an interdisciplinary community of Python enthusiasts of all levels. It aims to support and help Princeton University community (Students, Researchers, and Staff) in getting started with and improving their utilization of Python. Since 2014, this community has created introductory classes to Python as well as more advanced classes for any members. The group meets for tutorials, demos, help sessions, and general camaraderie. PrincetonPy was founded as an initiative by Quentin Caudron and Paul Gauthier in December 2013. After a hiatus during the COVID years, the group reformed in September 2023.

Most recently, meetings have been held in Lewis Science Library or Friend Center about once a month. To get reminders about our meetings, sign up for our listserv.

If you would like to lead a session, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us at [email protected].

The Princeton University Python User Group's events are funded by the Princeton Institute for Computational Science and Engineering.


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