Fall 2022 Workshops

Below are the select workshops of Fall 2022 that were recorded. See our archive page for previous recordings of workshops not found here.


        Date         Workshop Instructor(s) Materials
2022-09-12 Intro to Programming with Python Matthew Cahn GitHub repo
2022-09-19 Options for Processing Big Data for the Social Sciences and Humanities Carolina Roe-Raymond, Calla Chennault and Anvitha Sudhakar

Media Central

2022-09-21 Continuous Integration and Automated Software Testing David Luet Zoom recording and slides
2022-09-29 Optimization Training with Intel Developer Tools James Tullos, Intel Zoom recording and slides
2022-09-30 Level Up Your Python Henry Schreiner Zoom recording and website
2022-10-04 Managing Research Data

Neggin Keshavarzian, Matt Chandler and Rishi Joshi

2022-10-06 Accelerate Your Coding with PyCharm and Visual Studio Code Vineet Bansal GitHub repo
2022-10-10 Introduction to GPU Computing Jonathan Halverson GitHub repo
2022-10-11 Data Visualization in Python Brian Arnold and Michal Grzadkowski GitHub repo
2022-10-12 How GPUs Transformed My Research Israel Bonilla, Haosen Ge, Hayk Hakobyan and Naser Mahfouz Kokkos materials and TensorFlow slides

RNA-Seq and Single-Cell Sequencing Analysis

Abhishek Biswas Slides and Files
2022-10-25 Optimizing and Accelerating Your MATLAB Code Neha Sardesai, MathWorks Materials and Password: MathWorks2022

Improving Analysis Workflows with Snakemake

Troy Comi GitHub repo
2022-11-02 Everything You Didn't Know You Needed: Research Computing Tips & Tricks Kilian Lieret GitHub repo
2022-11-03 Getting Started with Transformers for Language Modeling David Turner GitHub repo
2022-11-07 How to Make Effective Plots Carolina Roe-Raymond Slides
2022-11-09 Creating and Running Software Containers with Docker and Singularity Jonathan Halverson Webpage and Slides
2022-11-10 Caught up in Neural Nets? When (and How) to use Classical Machine Learning in Your Research Christina Peters, U of Delaware Jupyter Notebook (ipynb) and Slides
2022-12-05 Data Science for the Humanities and Social Sciences (Information Session) Various speakers Slides
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