Fall 2023 Workshop Materials

Workshop Date  Time Instructor(s)
Introduction to Programming Using Python (Section I) [GitHub repo] 9/11, 9/12, 9/14 4:30-6:00PM Matthew Cahn
Managing Research Data [Slides in PDF] 9/18 4:30-6:00PM Sarah Reiff Conell and Neggin Keshavarzian
Options for Processing Big Data for the Social Sciences and Humanities (see Media Central recording) 9/19 4:30-6:00PM Mattie Niznik
Introduction to the Linux Command Line (Parts 1 & 2)  [external guide] 9/20, 9/21 4:30-6:00PM Galen Collier and Mattie Niznik
Python User Group (PyPrinceton) Kickoff Meeting [join listserv] 9/22 12-1PM PICSciE/RC Staff
Command-Line Power Tools [grep, find] [see tmux] 9/25 4:30-6:00PM Galen Collier
Introduction to Data Analysis Using R 9/25 6:00-8:00PM Oscar Torres-Reyna
Getting Started with the Research Computing Clusters (Parts 1 & 2) [guide] 9/26, 9/27 4:30-6:00PM Mattie Niznik
How to Make Effective Plots [Slides in PDF] 9/28 10AM-12PM Carolina Roe-Raymond
Amazon Web Services (AWS): Machine Learning in the Cloud with Sagemaker 9/28 11AM-3PM AWS Staff
Python for Poets (Parts 1 & 2) [GitHub repo] 9/28, 10/2 4:30-6:00PM Massimiliano Dalmasso
Intro to Large Language Models with Google AI 9/29 1:00-5:00PM Josh Gordon, Google
Introduction to Data Analysis Using Python 10/2 6:00-8:00PM Oscar Torres-Reyna
Removing the Tedium from Your Research Workflow [GitHub repo] 10/3 4:30-6:00PM Jonathan Halverson
Getting Started with Machine Learning in Python [GitHub repo] 10/4 4:30-6:00PM Julian Gold
Quantum Computing and Pizza [Slides in PDF] 10/5 12:00-1:00PM Benjamin Lienhard
Introduction to Programming Using Python (Section II: Parts 1, 2 and 3) [GitHub repo] 10/5,10/9, 10/11 4:30-6:00PM Matthew Cahn
Introduction to GPU Computing [GitHub repo] 10/10 4:30-6:00PM Jonathan Halverson
Molecular Simulation Software and Pizza 10/12


Multiple speakers
RNASeq and Single Cell Sequencing (Parts 1 & 2) [slides] 10/18, 10/25 4:30-6:00PM Abhishek Biswas
Make Your Research Open and Reproducible with Software Containers [webpage] 10/19 4:30-6:00PM Jonathan Halverson
Using R on the Research Computing Clusters [webpage] [GitHub] 10/24 4:30-6:00PM Galen Collier
Scientific Visualization with VisIt 10/27 2:00-3:30PM Eliot Feibush
Graph Neural Networks for Your Research [GitHub] 10/30 4:30-6:00PM Gage DeZoort
Data Visualization in Python [GitHub] 11/1 4:30-6:00PM Jake Snell
Data Visualization with R (Intermediate Level) [slides] [QMD file] 11/9 10AM-12PM Carolina Roe-Raymond
Multi-GPU Training in PyTorch: Data and Model Parallelism [GitHub] [Slides] 11/9 4:30-6:00PM Mengzhou Xia, A. Wettig and J. Halverson
Continuous Integration and Automated Software Testing [slides] 11/16 10:30AM-12:00PM David Luet


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