Friday, Mar 6, 2020

Princeton University is actively monitoring the situation around coronavirus (Covid-19). The latest University guidance for students, faculty and staff is available on the University’s Emergency Management website.

Monday, Aug 24, 2020

Some classes are easier to move online than others. When Princeton University decided in early March that the coronavirus pandemic would empty every lecture hall, seminar room, and teaching lab, it wasn’t easy for lectures and precepts to move online, but they made do.

Thursday, Aug 6, 2020

Bill Wichser, director of advanced systems and storage for the Princeton Institute for Computational Science and Engineering, is one of the recipients of this year's President's Achievement Award.

Wednesday, Jun 17, 2020

When CERN’s Large Hadron Collider—the city-sized particle accelerator buried under the Franco-Swiss border—turns on, it accelerates a beam of protons to about 99.999% the speed of light and smashes them into each other head-on, showering exotic, high-energy particles in all directions.

Friday, Mar 13, 2020

Google AI and the TensorFlow team have a new funding opportunity open to universities. If you’re a faculty member interested in teaching machine learning courses, and/or leading or contributing to diversity initiatives, please...

Monday, Mar 2, 2020

For the average person, any rumination on the fruit fly ends with a distracted swat. Yet the hidden world of this diminutive species has potential to reveal surprising insights into the neural-generated behavior of species across the animal kingdom, including our own.