Grant Writing & Administration

Grant writing and administration services are provided through PICSciE, the academic unit of Princeton Research Computing  to assist members of the research computing community at Princeton in identifying potential funding sources and development of proposals for sponsored projects in areas such as equipment acquisition, research, allocations on high-performance computing (HPC) systems, education, training, and institutional activities, e.g., workshops and conferences.

The Office of Research and Program Administration (ORPA) is responsible for the final review of all grant proposals to make certain they conform to the current regulations of the University, State and Federal guidelines, and the potential sponsor before they are signed by a signatory officer of the University. Additionally, ORPA also collaborates with PICSciE in the post-award administration phase of the sponsored research project. All contracts and agreements for sponsored projects are also negotiated and signed by ORPA.

Contact Maureen Carothers and Ma. Florevel Fusin-Wischusen if you have any questions or if you need assistance.

Princeton Research Data Service also offers support with developing Data Management Plans.

Contact Matt Chandler or Neggin Keshavarzian  if you have questions.