Bridging Divides Initiative


Research Team

Nealin Parker, Shannon Hiller, Autumn Lewien

Map Visualization Team

William Guthe, Carolina S. Roe-Raymond

Web Development Services Team

Jill E. Moraca, Brian K. Osborne


Project Summary

The Bridging Divides Initiative (BDI), based at the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs’ Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination, is a non-partisan research initiative that tracks and counters political violence in the United States.

In collaboration with Princeton's Web Development Services, our visualization team built BDI an interactive map, where data on bridging organizations could be filtered, viewed, and downloaded.

This map is meant to serve as resource for community building organizations and individual leaders to increase their network, coordinate, collaborate and focus resources to areas of highest impact. 

The BDI team has now built on and expanded this initial map. To explore the interactive features of the map, and to learn more about BDI, view the Bridging Divides Initiative site.


Technology/Software Used

The interactive map was created using R, with the shiny and leaflet packages.