In addition to the libraries required by the various programming languages, we provide several groups of independent libraries for parallel programming, data management, mathematical operations, plotting software and profiling.

Parallel Programming

The main parallel programming paradigm that is used on TIGRESS is MPI. We strongly recommend OpenMPI. While we do have the MPICH2 version as well, this is deprecated. All of our clusters have Infiniband connections and MPICH2 does not support them. There is a variant of MPICH2, called MVAPICH2 which does support Infiniband, but it is substantially less stable than OpenMPI.

SLURM is used for job scheduling on all clusters.

Data Management

The data management with the broadest language support is netCDF, which is available on all cluster head nodes. Please note that we only provide the C, C++ and Fortran interfaces on our clusters. HDF5 is an alternative data management package. It is also available on cluster head nodes. We also provide on an on-demand basis the CFITSIO data management library.

Mathematical Libraries

The following libraries are installed on the cluster head nodes:
  • BLAS
  • FFTW2
  • FFTW3
  • Intel's MKL

Plotting Software

The venerable gnuplot package is installed on all of the cluster head nodes.


Cluster head nodes have the oprofile package. Intel's Vtune package, which is installed on an on-demand basis, can also be used for profiling as well as debugging.

Library Function Home page
BLAS Basic Linear Algebra
LAPACK Linear Algebra Package
FFTW2 Fast Fourier transform
FFTW3 Fast Fourier transform
Intel's MKL Math Kernel library
gnuplot Plotting
oprofile Execution profiling
Intel's Vtune Execution profiling
tau Execution profiling