The /tigress  file system is a large, shared file system, available on the head and compute nodes (if any) of Della, Tiger, Perseus, and Tigressdata . Space usage is restricted. For users with access to these systems, an application for space beyond the default quota of 500 GB may be made via the quota request form.

The implementation of this file system uses GPFS (General Parallel File System), an IBM commercial file system specifically designed to support high reliability and computing clusters. There is 6 PB of space allocated to /tigress. The data and files on /tigress are backed up to a TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) server.

/tigress is backed up to PICSciE's private TSM server. Only the latest copy of any file residing on /tigress is kept on the server, no previous versions of a file are kept. These active files are kept on the backup server indefinitely. Should a file be deleted from /tigress, it will remain on the backup server for 10 days after which it will be deleted from the backup server. The current status of the backups can be found in file /tigress/BACKUP_STATUS.txt. Files will be backed up on a weekly cycle and will serve as a disaster recovery system such that in the worst case only one week of files should ever be lost.

/tigress was set up to act as a repository for output or data that requires more processing on another system or cluster. It is not suitable to use as scratch disk or as a home filesystem.