Connecting to the Clusters via a Web Browser (using OnDemand)

Three of Princeton's HPC clusters–Adroit, Della and Stellar–can be accessed via the web through the Open OnDemand web interface. If you are new to high-performance computing, this can be a good introductory way to start using the clusters.

In addition, this web option also opens up the possibility of using GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) for programs such as Jupyter, RStudio, MATLAB and Stata.


Step 1 - Open OnDemand

To use the Open OnDemand web interface for Adroit, Della, or Stellar you must first have an account set-up for the cluster you wish to use. (For instructions on how to gain access, navigate to Adroit's, Della's, or Stellar's webpage in the Systems submenu of the Research Computing site.) Once you have an account, you can browse to,, or respectively.

Note that to access these links from off-campus you will need to use a VPN.


Step 2 - Use OnDemand

OnDemand allows you to work with your files on the clusters (e.g., upload files, download files, create folders, edit files, etc.), run jobs, open shell access to the head node, and run interactive applications (such as Jupyter Notebooks, RStudio, MATLAB, etc.). For instructions on each of these aspects view our using the OnDemand Portal page.