Using tigress-cifs

Mounting /tigress and /projects to your local machine

You can mount /tigress/<YourNetID> to your local machine by using this address:


For mounting /projects use this address:


For instance, if you are trying to mount /projects/ATURING then use:


On macOS creating the mount can be done by choosing "Go" > "Connect to Server ..." in the Finder menu. Then enter the address and choose "Connect". You will need to enter your Princeton NetID and password.


Mounting /scratch/gpfs/<YourNetID> to your local machine

tigress-cifs can only be used for /tigress and /projects. To mount /home/<YourNetID> or /scratch/gpfs/<YourNetID> for a particular cluster you will need to use a tool like sshfs. For macOS we recommend FUSE for OSX. Once the software is installed the mounting can be done with, for example:

$ mkdir mymount
$ sshfs mymount