Using tigress-cifs

Mounting /tigress, /projects and /scratch/gpfs to your local machine

Mounting /projects and /tigress

For Linux and Mac Computers

You can mount /tigress/<YourNetID> to your local machine by using this address:


For mounting /projects use this address:


For instance, if you are trying to mount /projects/ATURING then use:


For Windows Computers

For instance, use this base address:



Mounting /scratch/gpfs

Users can mount /scratch/gpfs for Della and Tiger using the following addresses.

For Linux and Mac Computers

# for Della
# for Tiger

On macOS creating the mount can be done by choosing "Go" > "Connect to Server ..." in the Finder menu. Then enter the address and choose "Connect". You will need to enter your Princeton NetID and password.

For Windows Computers

# for Della
# for Tiger


Other cases

The above instructions (using tigress-cifs or della-cifs) can only be used for /tigress, /projects, or /scratch/gpfs for Della and Tiger.

To mount /home/<YourNetID> or /scratch/gpfs/<YourNetID> for another cluster, you will need to use a tool like sshfs.

For macOS we recommend FUSE for OSX. Once the software is installed, the mounting can be done by running the following commands on your local machine (e.g., laptop):

$ mkdir mymount
$ sshfs [email protected]:/home/aturing mymount