Tiger Tutorial

Running Programs

Programs are scheduled to run on Tiger using the sbatch command, a component of Slurm. Your job will be put into the appropriate quality of service, based on the requirements that you describe. See the information about Job Scheduling on the main Tiger page and the sbatch man page for details.


Programming Tiger

The Intel, GNU and NVIDIA compilers are installed on Tiger. The recommended MPI implementation for Tiger is Intel MPI. Intel MPI and Open MPI both support the InfiniBand infrastructure of the cluster.

To set up your environment correctly on Tiger, it is highly recommended to use the environment module facility. This is a utility to correctly set your environment without having to know all the paths to the executables, libraries and include files. In most cases a simple module load intel-mpi/intel/2019.7/64 command can be issued to setup your environment with the latest Intel MPI library.


Compiling parallel MPI programs

See an example in C++ and Fortran.


Running Jobs

See our Slurm page for sample scripts.

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